American Technology
Pressure Vessels

Corrosion Resistant

  • Pressure vessels are made up of high performance composite material with filament winding
  • All pressure vessels are 100% corrosion resistant.
  • Various thermoplastic liners of polyester, high strenght polypro­pene, etc.
  • Liner wall thickness available from 0.150″ (3.8mm) up to 0.300″ (7.bmm) corresponding to the vessel diameter.

    Size & Features

    • Full choice of Pressure vessel available up to 36″ diameter with 72″ height.
    • Opening types are all top openings. Top & Bottom openings available for 18″ throught 36″ tanks.

      Tailored properties

      • Reinforced Composites are only one-third the weight of steel tanks. Strengths are directly comparable to steel.
      • All kinds of strict performance test show that composite vessels offersignificantly better performance than lined steel.
      • Physical properties: Operating Pressure Temperature 150° F (65° C)

        Low installation and maintenance

        • The light weight of composites can lead to cost-saving like lower installation costs and easier handling.
        • There’s no need for painting, lining or epoxy coating inside the tank.
        • It also facilitates the maintenance operations and leads to cost ­efficiency.


        • Design parameters

          The design and manufacture of pressure vessels requires considerable expertise and manufacturing capacity. Our technical staffs check the details carefully during the design to ensure that the vessels from us operate to their started specifications durably.


          250,000 times of cycle test from 10 PSI to 150 PSI with tanding pressure. A qualification burst test to four times its rated operating pressure.

          Quality Guarantee

          We provide most reliable quality assurance and customer service. Our technical engineers and manufacturing technicians with abundant experience can assure the high quality of our tanks. Every person in wave Cyber must contiuosly strive to provide high quality products with long term durability and sound service, which includes price inquiries, receiving orders and arranging shipments, etc.